Career Opportunity

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Real Estate Development Project Manager
Job Description:

Plan, manage and coordinate architectural and engineering activities for real estate development projects from inception through construction completion. Identify new real estate development opportunities according to client expectations and budget. Assist architects, engineers and other project stakeholders in the design process and make recommendations on content and design; review and provide analysis of architectural drawings, specifications and construction cost items. Review projects with architects, construction developers and contractors; and serve as a liaison between the construction team and clients. Manage development teams and coordinate with other third party contractors for plans, approvals, bid management, monitoring budgets, etc. to ensure projects are in compliance with all applicable regulations and are completed on time and within budget. Review and interpret blueprints, engineering plans, architectural and construction documents and other project related documents to ensure projects are completed on time and according to specifications. Develop and monitor budgets to ensure projects adhere to clients' budget specifications and guidelines. Ensure architectural and real estate development projects comply with construction regulations in the respective jurisdictions. Evaluate and help secure zoning and other local government entitlements required for development. Perform research analysis to assess development project feasibility and make recommendations for next steps based on findings. Evaluate environmental impacts of architectural and real estate development activities and make recommendations to architects, engineers, construction developers and project stakeholders to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of project. Identify risks in projects and assess and mitigate the risks; participate in project risk reviews and mitigation planning; forecast impacts of proposed changes and report to project team and key stakeholders; and, follow appropriate procedure to escalate potential issues to achieve resolution.


Bachelor's degree in architecture, engineering or related field and 1 year of experience in related architectural, construction, or real estate project/management occupation.